Happy Cabling covers all aspects of data and network cabling installation. Among them are CAT 5E, CAT 6, CAT 6A and fibre optic cabling. We can offer tailored services to meet your needs, whether installing a single data cable, moving existing network outlets or a new cabling project.

When you choose Happy Cabling, you will benefit from a wealth of experience from a team of highly accredited engineers. Each product we use in installation carries a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

You can be confident in our expertise. We have a proven track record in the design and installation of bespoke cabling services which address communications cabling and data centre demands now. We will also future-proof your systems and create a flexible network designed for growth.

We bring this same level of expertise to projects of any size. You may be looking for expertise to manage moves, add-ons, or changes to installing over 1000+ Cat 6A cables.

The Happy Cabling team boasts decades of experience and knowledge in the industry.  We have brought together the full range of skills, from working on the tools to engineers and project managers.